Professional Land Surveying

Title Insurance Support

Title Insurance ALTA ACSM Snapshot

Title Insurance ALTA ACSM Snapshot

We also work to support attorneys with Title Insurance review or claims. Our surveyors review title reports, provide additional research in town and county records and upon request will search for private records.

Often with commercial clients, we prepare ALTA / ACSM Land Title Surveys for a property or a chain of properties. These services may also include encumbrance location, parcel contiguity analysis, site inspection.


  • ALTA / ACSM Land Title Survey Plan
  • Deed Sketches
  • Acreage Verification
  • Encumbrance Location

See also commercial boundary retracement.


Plisga & Day was incorporated in 1978 by Stanley J. Plisga and Richard A. Day to provide traditional land survey services. Since its founding Plisga & Day has grown into the information age by using the latest in technology and computers. Technology and commitment to quality records have extended Plisga & Day from a land service organization into a digital information product center. Plisga & Day is capable of assisting you in all your land service needs present and future.


Contributing to the success of Plisga & Day is the unique professional to support staff ratio, assuring a high degree of professional input into any service or product provided. Equally contributing to our success and reputation are the loyalty, dedication, work ethic, and motivation exhibited by our employees. Historically, this has produced outstanding service to our clients.


Surveying services vary depending on client requirements and project parameters. For example, Plisga & Day uses national standards for projects when appropriate such as when commercial clients are using national lenders. Plisga & Day strives to provide quality work that is appropriately taylored to the task at hand.

Feel free to review or download PDF versions of the state and national standards we use here at Plisga & Day.