Plisga & Day works with many towns and cities to accommodate the needs of today’s growing communities.


  • Municipal Boundary Retracement
  • Municipal Boundary Perambulation
  • Road Right of Way Boundary Location
  • Tax Mapping
  • Comprehensive Plan Mapping
  • GIS / LIS Base-mapping and Attribute Location

Several examples of past and ongoing projects include:

  • Town Line determination and monumentation of several towns in Maine.
  • Site plans of all the cemeteries in Holden, Maine. The plans included the approximate location of graves and the names on headstones.
  • Tax maps for several towns including Greenbush and Exeter, Maine.
  • Comprehensive plan mapping for towns which show geographical features, zoning districts, major wetlands and other important considerations of the town.
  • Base mapping control for municipalities such as Waterville, Maine (1990) and Killingly, Connecticut (2000).