Specialty Service

Plisga & Day enjoys the challenge of unique surveying applications by adapting or creating measuring techniques and technologies.


  • Mean High Water Survey
  • Hydrographic
  • Accident Site Mapping
  • Environmental Site Mapping
  • Volume Monitoring
  • Surveying with Robotics
  • RTK Stakeout and Location
  • Static GPS

Several examples of special projects include:

  • River cross-sections across the Penobscot River to show Bangor Hydro-Electric Company the results of the removal of existing dams and for proposed dams.
  • Forensic and accident plans showing site conditions for automobile accidents, a snowmobile accident in Yarmouth, Maine and a skiing accident at Sugarloaf USA. Several of these plans were used as exhibits in their associated court case.
  • Elevations of the lake floor adjacent to Green Lake Dam for use in reconstruction plans of the Bangor Hydro-Electric Company dam.
  • Environmental site mapping of existing domestic wells in LaGrange, Maine. The Maine Department of Environmental Protection monitored wells for contamination from underground pollution.
  • Volume monitoring of gravel pits, landfills, and bark piles throughout the state of Maine.